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Nikolai Wieczorek
Nikolai Wieczorek
Software Engineer
I'm Nikolai Wieczorek, a 25-year-old Software Developer based in Germany with a passion for coding that extends both into my professional life and personal hobbies. While I specialize in full-stack web development—with a slight inclination toward back-end technologies—I also enjoy exploring other domains like app development. Beyond coding, my interests include traveling, engaging in both computer and board games, exploring nature, and reading.

Software Engineer at Scalable Capital

From Jun. 2024 to Today at Scalable GmbH, Munich

Working Student at Triology GmbH

From Sep. 2021 to May 2024 at Triology GmbH, Braunschweig


Computer Science (B.Sc.)

2020 to 2024 at Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, Wolfenbüttel
Final grade: 2.0

Apprenticeship as a Biological Technical Assistant

2018 to 2020 at Sabine-Blindow-Schule, Hannover
Final grade: 2.0

After successfully completing my apprenticeship as a Biological Technical Assistant, I found my interests increasingly leaning toward computer science and programming. During my apprenticeship, I took the initiative to self-teach basic coding skills, and it quickly became apparent that my passion lay in the realm of software development. This led me to make the decision to shift my career path and pursue a formal education in Computer Science—a choice that I remain exceptionally pleased with. My unique background has equipped me with a diverse skill set and a cross-disciplinary perspective that enhances my approach to problem-solving in software engineering.

German High School Diploma (Abitur)

2011 to 2017 at Julius-Spiegelberg-Gymnasium, Vechelde
Final grade: 3.1